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Creating Growth Consultant

I love to help leaders to grow themselves, their team and their revenue line.

To do this requires letting go of business-as-usual approaches and developing new ways of thinking @Speed.

This requires however new tools and processes.

For example, to develop breakthrough solutions to important problems groups and teams can use my Switch Thinking process.

I also help them generate new ideas – in minutes using my Speed Thinking tool.

My work takes me all around Australia with a particular focus on Asia.

A Phd in Organisational Creativity

My  PhD is in Organisational Creativity (UWS) as well as a MBA (UNE) and B.Bus (UTS).

My official thesis was ‘Designing a continuously creative organisation’ which was informed by interviewing over 80 leaders from 50 different organisations (profit and non-profit).

In addition, I have been lecturing part-time at UTS for over 10 years..

Former Marketing Director

Before establishing my own business I was a Marketing Director at American Express as well as a Product Manager at Citibank and Dunlop Slazenger.

I have also worked as a senior leader in advertising, direct marketing and management consulting across a wide variety of categories and industries.

My clients include big and small brands from every industry and category across Australia and Asia.

International Author

I have written 3 books that have been published (by Allen & Unwin)  in 9 countries. These are:

  • The Idea Generator
  • The Idea Accelerator
  • Speed Thinking.

I have also written over 50 articles in various magazines across Australia and Asia on creativity, innovation, speed thinking, reinvention and disruption. Here are a few of these.

My other passions

I learn Kung Fu and have played 1st grade cricket and soccer.

This has given me a glimpse of what it takes to unlock higher individual & team performance.

Most of all I would like to help you & your team get stuff done with more agility, creativity & energy.

The Blitz Way is just one example of how this can be achieved.


Dr Ken Hudson

“My goal is to help current & future leaders to make a difference – every day!”

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