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Free Brainstorming ebook

Everyone has called or been part of a brainstorming session at some time of their working life.Yet many of us are frustrated by the results. In this ebook I have outlined 58 tips to make your next session more engaging and productive.

Download the free Brainstorming ebook.

Dr Ken Hudson - Free Brainstorming ebook

Free Innovation ebook

In this ebook I have outlined 36 tips to help you build a more innovative and successful brand or business.I have been helping leaders for the past 10 years and I know these tips can help you.

Download the ebook 36 Innovation Tips that Work and share with others.

Dr Ken Hudson - Free innovation ebook - 36 Innovation Tips that Work

Free Revenue Growth ebook

The Revenue Growth Alphabet outlines 26 ways to help you think differently about your brand or business.You can use these one at a time or dip in and out – it’s up to you. This ebook will open your mind to new business growth opportunities again and again.

Download the free Revenue Growth ebook.

Dr Ken Hudson - Free Revenue Growth ebook

“Here is the new 80,20,10 rule. Every leader should spend 80% of their time on creating, 20% on reinventing & 10% on disrupting.”


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