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Experiential Learning

I am a strong believer in learning by doing, reflecting, learning then changing (if need be).

I love to work on real problems so the learning is more impactful.

My aim is to nudge people out of their comfort zone.

This is where real growth takes place.

It’s fast!

I like to work with leaders, managers & business owners at an accelerated pace.

Leaders are time-poor so it maximizes the return on investment and I have found that it forces them to think on their feet in a more real-world way.

There is no staid, classroom type learning here!

For example, I have invented an accelerated idea generation and problem solving process called Speed Thinking.

The tool of which is Ideas Blitz. This is a perfect example of my learning design principles of learning by doing, immediate impact, high energy and practical.

Every day Creative Thinking & Innovation

I have found that saying to leaders go and be creative or innovative for example, is not that helpful.

Because they do not know how to do this.

Yet if you give people a process or tool you can empower them forever.

This is why I have invented a 5 step process which I call Small Wins Innovation for example and numerous creative thinking tools.

They provide a structure that leaders can use again and gain with confidence and can leverage impact and performance.

I have developed a number of videos of my creative thinking tools. This means that any creative thinking training for example, can be reinforced again and again.

I have written 3 books that have been published (by Allen & Unwin)  in 9 countries. These are: The Idea Generator, The Idea Accelerator, and Speed Thinking.

“The real danger is business-as-usual thinking.
Leaders need to create the new, reinvent the current and disrupt the past.”

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