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To be successful in the future every leader has to possess four thinking skills.

Create, Innovate, Reinvent & Disrupt


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Non-Linear Thinking is a skill

The more you practice with the right tools, you more you can improve.

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I have written three books, published in 9 countries, on Idea Generation, Problem Solving & Speed Thinking.

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Powerful tips and videos to help groups and teams become more creative, productive and innovative.

Speed Thinking

I have invented an accelerated idea generation and problem solving process called Speed Thinking.

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How to use Blitz in your Design Thinking Process

Enhance & Accelerate your Design Thinking Process I am a great fan of Design Thinking. For those that are not familiar with this approach to problem solving or Innovation i will use the definition outlined by The Interaction Design Foundation: 'Design Thinking is a...

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How a group can use Mindmapping

How to generate awesome results & total engagement I am a big fan of Mindmapping. Developed by Tony Buzan it's a quick, easy and visual way to generate ideas, organise material and summarise your notes. It's one of my 'go to' creative thinking tools along with Blitz....

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How to solve a big problem by using a Sprint

Can you imagine solving a big problem in a week? Well if you can then read on. I just finished reading Sprint by Jake Knapp et al.(Batam Press, 2016). It's a quick, easy and practical read. Together the 3 authors have run over 100 Sprints from startups to projects...

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Every leader will have to learn how to continually reinvent not only their business but themselves.

I can help you do this

“I have never seen such rapt involvement as when Dr. Ken Hudson presented Speed Thinking for the Public Relations Institute. The capacity crowd instantly picked up the principles as the participants’ energy swept the room.”

Julian Kenny

National Education Officer, PRIA

“Dr. Ken Hudson is an excellent innovation trainer and facilitator. He is very creative & energetic in organizing idea generation sessions.”

Arthur Lok

CEO, China Institute for Innovation

“I recently attended a talk you gave as part of The Marketing Leaders Program and I found it amazing that your techniques could unlock creativity so fast.”

Sally Hunt

Account Director, Advertising Agency

“I had great feedback from the participants in terms of the quality & quantity of ideas generated and the capability of speed thinking to reduce procrastination.”

Neil Meyrick

Training and Organisational Manager, Dell Computers, Europe

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