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Become unstuck – quickly!

I love to help leaders, groups and teams on challenges both big and small.

It could be at your next workshop, brainstorming, meeting, conference or strategic planning session.

My big advantage over other other facilitators is that I have a creative and practical tool-kit including Speed Thinking (i.e. Blitz) that can unlock the creativity and energy of all participants.

These tools have been tested and used by entrepreneurs, managers and leaders from some of the biggest companies around the world.

A tool to help you create out of the box ideas

Everyone wants to create big, disruptive ideas.

Yet no-one know how to do it — until now!

In this short, practical video Ken shows you another one of his idea generation tools called Mindset Box.

It can help you and your team create those breakthrough ideas.

Read an article on the Mindset Box Tool.

Some of my Facilitator Projects include

  • New aggregation proposition (Startup)
  • 21st Century retail shopping experience (Major Retailer)
  • Breakthrough new product concepts aimed at Vets (Packaged Goods Brand).
  • Third Horizon Business Growth opportunities (Insurance Company)
  • Revenue Growth Project (Major Retailer)
  • Value proposition for the HR department (Packaged Goods Brand)
  • New fund raising asset (Major Charity)

Brands that have used me as a facilitator include:

Hilton Asia Leadership Team, 3M Leadership Team, Tip Top, Roche Sales & Marketing Team, Dominos Pizza Leadership Team, MS Society, Plan, GWF, Westfield Future Leaders Group, Suzanne Grae, Leighton Contractors.

“Participants in the workshop were amazed at how quickly you could help us solve an issue that had been nagging us for months.”

Senior Purchasing Officer, International Sporting Goods Company

“Ken’s greatest strength as a facilitator is that he engages everyone and has a tool-kit that we can use during and after the workshop.”

Marketing Director, Major Packaged Good Brand

“Leaders can only learn about disruption by being disrupted themselves.”

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